On May 25, 2020 police officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd by using unlawful, forcible restraint with his knee on Mr. Floyd's neck on a Minneapolis street. I was deeply affected after seeing the video release of Derek Chauvin using cruel and prolonged forcible pressure with his knee on Mr. Floyd's neck while Mr. Floyd was pleading with his dying breath that he couldn't breathe and he wanted his mother. It broke my heart to see the inhumane torture hat caused Mr. Floyd's death and I felt an immediate connection as a mother of 2 sons with my eldest needing me by his side for comfort when he couldn't breathe from asthma attacks. I was so sickened to my core and I felt it in my spirit that I had to do something to spark a movement for change and fight for justice for the murder of George Floyd so I posted on my Facebook page, Shivana Styles, "I CAN'T BREATHE". I also donated money during the most financially difficult time in my life and during the pandemic to Change.org for George Floyd's family and the fight for racial justice. Derek Chauvin's act of abuse of authority with police brutality set off protests around the world along with looting and unrest. His conviction and sentence was historic and a significant step on the road for societal change against police brutality and for black and brown people to be treated fairly and humanely.